Friday, January 3, 2014

CTR status update

Update 1.2.0 is out

1.2.0 (2014-05-28)
[locale] French translation updated (thanks to David V.)
[locale] Italian translation updated (thanks to gialloporpora)
[locale] pt-BR translation (thanks to Claudio)
[locale] ja-JP translation updated (thanks to Momdo)
[locale] added correct accesskeys to toolbar context menu (from Fx28)
[locale] zh-CN localization (thanks to jzhone)

[new] options: inverted toolbar button icons on menubar, tabs toolbar, nav-bar, bookmarks bar, additional toolbar (special tab -> toolbar settings -> inverted icons)
[new] option: tabs not on top (v2) (may work better with some themes)
[new] option: reduce space above tabs toolbar (if possible)
[new] option: alternative color for tabs toolbar (tabs not on top + Windows)
[new] option: hide private browsing mask
[new] option: white appmenu button color
[new] option: hide panel menu labels
[new] option: scrollbars instead of arrows in menupopups
[new] option: hide all borders for top toolbars
[new] Windows + tabs on top: appbutton in Firefox titlebar "v2" options
(enable "Tabs toolbar: reduce space above toolbar" to get appbutton & tabs in a row)

[fix] text only mode + Fx31+: CTRs tab close button on tabs toolbar
[fix] glitch on prefwindow, where "OK"-button got cut off in some rare cases
[fix] random glitch where overflow button refused to disappear while star-button was in urlbar
[fix] glitch with addons bar and "Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus v1.2" addon
[fix] WinXP + Personas: active tab glitch
[fix] large icons option: forward button
[fix] Linux/MacOSX: error in error console when opening appmenu
[fix] Win8 + small button view: 1px glitch below navigation toolbar
[fix] Windows + squared tabs: gap at toolbars end, if newtab button/tab was removed
[fix] custom tab colors: textfield for hovered tabs text
[fix] MacOSX + Personas + tabs not on top mode: titlebar padding
[fix] MacOSX + Personas + tabs not on top mode: toolbar colors
[fix] MacOSX option: toggle menuitem in tools menu
[fix Fx32+] Windows 7/8: small button view
[fix] other glitches reported on Mozillazine forums
[fix] appbutton on titlebar (icon only): gap in maximized mode
[fix] Linux: glitch with checked toolbar buttons
[fix] compact menu option: left/right padding for bookmarks menu
[fix] icons+text mode: b/f history dropmarker button icon
[fix] other glitches reported on Mozillazine forums

[change] Windows/Linux + Fx32+: restored "OK" button on CTRs prefwindow
[change] added support for BSD OS, so it can also use CTRs css files meant for Linux
[change] split option: remove tab toolbars background fog/color into two options
[change] preference window: minor tweaks
[change] preference window: moved some settings
[change Fx31+] tab close button options
[change] Windows: tweaked add-ons bar for "toobaritems"
[change] some other minor tweaks
[change] Windows 7 Classic VS: appbutton on titlebar tweak
[change] Windows: tweaked add-ons bar
[change] Windows 8: tweaks for small button view
[change] back/forward history button padding
[change] improved compatibility with PersonalMenu add-on v6.2.0
[change] separate color options for unread and unloaded tabs
[change] tabs not on top mode: tab-dropmarkers arrow position
[change] Win7Aero + squared tabs (v1): pinned tabs notification color
[change] minor tweaks on small button mode
[change] preference window: added more text info
[change] improved compatibility with PersonalMenu add-on v6.2.0b2+
[change] squared tabs v1 + tabs not on top + ColorfulTabs: removed white line above tab strip
[change] some previously hidden CTR preferences are visible now
[change] added a link to versions page on CTR prefwindow
[change] TMPs/TUs tab color settings get disabled once on CTRs first run
[change] removed option: movable panel ui button
[change] minor tweaks for first install/run
[change] tweaks on 'mov. panel menu button' option
[change] tweaks on recently added options to hide toolbar borders
[change] custom tab colors for squared tabs work with Personas now
[change] selecting 'appbutton on titlebar' manually switches also to Fx titlebar
[change] star-button in urlbar now behaves more like pre-Australis
[change] CTRs prefwindow: reorganized some settings
[change] fixes from 1.1.9 release to have them on beta channel too

[locale] zh-TW translation added (thanks to Shyayngs)
[locale] ja-JP translation added (thanks to Momdo)
[locale] French translation updated (thanks to David V.)
[locale] Italian translation updated (thanks to gialloporpora)
(not all locales may not be complete, feel free to report errors)

[new Fx31+] tab close option: on tab toolbars 'start' (=before tabs)
[new] option: hide movable back/forward buttons history popup on mouse press
[new] Windows option: hide navigation toolbars background (mainly for AeroGlass)*1
[new] Windows option: hide bookmark toolbars background (mainly for AeroGlass)
[new] Windows option: bookmark toolbars top border (mainly for AeroGlass) *1
[new Fx31+] tab close options: default, active only, none, on tab toolbars end
[new] option: movable panel menu button (option allows to use the non-movalbe)
[new] option: increase add-on bars height (if not empty)
[new] option: hide zomm-reset button on toolbars
[new] option: restore empty favicon
[new] button: history menu button (for those who dislike the history panel view button)
[new] Windows option: double click on titlebars appbutton closes Fx
[new Fx31+] option: disable panel animation
[new] option: remove menubars transparency (OS titlebar + tabs not on top) (Win7/8)
[new] option: remove menubars menu background (AeroGlass/Win8)

[fix] WinXP + small button view: star button, urlbar, forward button
[fix] MacOSX + OS titlebar + tabs not on top + inactive window: nav-bar
[fix Fx31+] Windows + mov. b/f button: urlbar padding
[fix] partly reverted latest addon bar changes. They caused too much trouble
[fix] Linux + tabs not on top + fullscreen view: upper toolbars did not appear on hover
[fix] double click to open new tab: excluded tab scroll-/toolbar buttons
[fix] Windows: searchbar height, if moved to add-ons bar
[fix] Linux + mov. back/forward button: recent position changes by Mozilla
[fix] recent beta builds broke movable panel menu button in some cases
[fix] Windows + small button view: glitch if the last button was a menu button
[fix] temporal support of ShowIP add-on (dev needs to add support for other toolbars)
[fix] Win8 + tabs not on top: more tweaks on tab toolbar in maximized mode
[fix] Win XP/8/Vista&7(AeroBasic) + tabs not on top: tab toolbar glitch in maximized mode
[fix] CTR prefwindow: some options did not hide correctly
[fix] appbutton on add-on bar: altered popup position to not close browser by accident
[fix] themes; CTRs history/bookmarks menu buttons on nav-bar
[fix] pinned tabs issue with TU and tabs not on top mode
[fix] mov. b/f button + small button view + rtl locales
[fix] squared tabs: protected/locked/pinned tabs and TMP/TU addons
[fix] Windows small button mode: urlbar and star button margins
[fix] some tweaks for rtl locales
[fix] Windows + squared tabs: tabs toolbar gap in maximized mode
[fix] issues with pinned tabs and a few add-ons
[fix] tabs not on top: pinned tabs clipping (thanks to PimpUigi)
[fix] WinXP + squared tabs: tabs toolbar glitch
[fix] Win8  + squared tabs + tabs not on top: pinned tabs glitch
[fix] MacOSX + mov. b/f button: urlbar glitches
[fix] Win7/Win8: appmenu colors for third party visual styles
[fix] navbars iconsize option for all Fx builds (20140415+)
[fix] remove menubars transparancy (OS titlebar + tabs not on top) (Win7/8)
[fix] Linux Gtk theme: tab close button image was not always visible
[fix] MacOSX: history menu button dropmarker
[fix] PersonalToolbar: bookmarks menu button dropmarker
[fix Fx30+] Windows + 'small button view': icon stretching
[fix Fx30+] Windows + 'icon+text mode': icon stretching
[fix Fx31+] Windows + small nav-bar buttons: icon sizes
[fix] squared tabs + 'Private Tab' add-on
[fix] MacOSX + 'tabs not on top': nav-bar/tabs toolbar visibility in html5 fullscreen videos
[fix] MacOSX: high res. icons for Retina (thanks to bsiegel for testing)
[fix] star-button in urlbar: hide on typing, restore on switching tabs/content loading
[fix] tabs not on top + Aero: tabs toolbar left/right borders
[fix] MacOSX: high res. icons for Retina (tests/feedback needed)

[change] various issues/glitches reported on Mozillazine forums
[change] Windows/Linux: addon bar appearance and addon bar button (more like on pre-Australis)
[change] double click opens new tab: urlbar focus
[change] default toolbar order is now: nav-bar -> additional bar -> bookmarks bar (more like on pre-Australis)
[change Fx 31+] previous option to show close button on all tabs not needed anymore
[change] Windows + maximized mode: tweaks for appbutton and tabs
[change] switching themes (default->third party->default) only disables tab color settings now
[change] tweaks on appmenus submenu popups
[change] removed some temporary fixes which are not required anymore
[change] small button view + star-button in urlbar left/right space
[change] space between tabs and appbutton in maximized mode
[change] space appmenu icon in titlebar and menubar
[change] help menu min-width
[change] almost all CTR ids changed (requested by AMO editors) *2
[change] 'compact panel menus' option removes unicorn animation from empty panel ui menu
[change] css tweaks for rtl locales
[change] option to open 'new tab' on double click checks 'browser.newtab.url'
[change] some option strings on CTRs prefwindow
[change] Windows Aero visual style: appmenu tweaks for themes
[change] prefwindow 'special tweaks tab': some settings got reordered
[change] tab not on top: tweaks on squared tabs
[change] small button view tweaks for Windows 7/8
[change] option: double click on titlebars appbutton closes current window now
[change] 'white tab separators/white tab buttons' are two options now
[change] MacOSX + 'tabs not on top': slightly brighter tabs toolbar for inactive windows
[change] Windows + small icon view: minor tweaks

Thanks to David for sharing the solution to avoid icon stretching.
The "fix" is enabled by default on Windows.

*1 Using both together on Windows AeroGlass with 'tabs not on top' simulates
the pre-Australis 'tabs not on top' ui. CTR achieves this with a couple of
combined different options (just in case people want to have more control
of this feature(s)).

*2 Previous ids were not unique enough.
Every id/class starting with "ctr_" was renamed to "ctraddon_", so all themes, extensions, userstyles etc. using them have to be updated, sorry.
Because of this id change, some CTR items might end up in customization palette or at the end of the navigation toolbar.
They have to be moved back to where they were before manually.
If "Classic Toolbar Buttons" addon is used with CTR, CTB 1.4.0beta8+ is required to modify this betas buttons.

[new] Italian translation (thanks to gialloporpora)
[new] option: double click on tabs toolbar opens a new tab (about:newtab)
[new] show back-forward history menu when holding CTRs back/foward buttons
[new] options: "bold" and "italic" text (custom tab color settings)
[new] appbutton option: hide borders and background colors
[new] appbutton option: purple color for normal & private mode
[new] OSX option: reduce top gap (tabsintitlebar + tabsontop)
[new] textboxes for custom tab color settings (compatible with color names, hex values, rgb(a) and hsl(a) values)

[fix] tab-width resetting on new window in some cases
[fix] temp fix for 'Request Policy' add-on
[fix] tab text settings + curved tabs: bold/italic options
[fix] always remove bookmarking animation for star-button in urlbar
[fix] Linux + Fx31: small button view (slightly affects Fx29/30)
[fix] option to disable bookmarking animation
[fix] custom min/max tab-width value reset on every 'new window' (v1.1.7 bug)
[fix] MacOSX + curved tabs: background middle
[fix] MacOSX + squared tabs: newtab icon
[fix] MacOSX + tabs not on top: tabs toolbar background color
[fix] curved alternative tabs + Windows classic themes: new tab button
[fix] disappearing menu entries in some cases
[fix] TabUtilities+squared tabs: pinned tab overlapping
[fix] squared pinned tabs: protected/locked appearance

[change] minor tweaks for lightweight themes (Personas)
[change] tab width settings are hidden now, if TMP/TU is active
[change] minor tweaks on CTRs prefwindow
[change] minor tweaks on appmenu
[change] Windows AeroGlass + tabs not on top: 'no tab fog' option removes toolbars background color
[change] MacOSX nav-bar color: OS titlebar + tabs not on top + normal sizemode
[change] hide star-button in urlbar when typing into urlbar
[change] appmenu now uses Fx28 (menu)item ids *1
[change] removed cloned popup for movable appbutton *2
[change] Linux + Fx31: changes to urlbar border (slightly affects Fx29/30)
[change] Linux + Fx31: CTRs border fix option visible for Linux again
[change] Linux + tabs not on top: tab font colors are black again *3
[change] prefwindow: textbox sizes are not fixed
[change] prefwindow: a few more selectable tab-width values
[change] make empty status-bar item more visible in customizing mode
[change] statusbar option: toggling without restart
[change] statusbar panel is movalbe now *4
[change] internal changes for panel ui button
[change] internal changes to improve theme support
[change] Windows Vista/7/8 + small button view: nav-bar buttons on non-Aero themes
[change] WindowsXP + small button view: nav-bar buttons
[change] removed tab clipping
[change] WindowsXP/classic: new-tab icon
[change] tweaks for 'tabs not on top' mode

*1 Improves compatibility and also fixes issues some add-ons had trying to add items to menubar.
*2 both appbuttons (titlebar/toolbar) share same menupopup now
*3 CTRs tab color settings can override 'black color', if needed for custom OS themes!
*4 if status bar gets lost in palette, it gets moved to nav-bar automatically

v1.1.7 (2014-03-18)
[new] more tab min/max-width settings *1
[new] option: alternative colors for panel menus
[new] custom color options for "unread tabs" *2

[fix] Nightly tour popup position (independant of panelui button position)
[fix] Windows: 'star-button in urlbar' + 'text mode'/'icons+text modes'
[fix] resizing bug for custom tab-width settings
[fix] custom text color settings for some third party themes *3
[fix] star-button in urlbar: removed borders for some cases
[fix] 'tabs not on top': 'print preview/edit'-toolbar position
[fix] MacOSX + squared tabs: 'new tab' & 'tab scroll' button overlapping
[fix] Windows/Linux + text only mode: downloads button position
[fix] curved alternative tabs on recent Australis builds
[fix] option: toggle visibility of CTRs menu item in tools menu
[fix] MacOSX: small nav-bar button
[fix] MacOSX: icons + text mode
[fix] MacOSX: text only mode

[change] alt panel menu colors: affects submenus
[change] curved tabs: 'new-tab' button appearance
[change] disable CTRs tab min/max-width settings for TMP and TU *4
[change] big icons/compact panels: new 'sidebars-button'/'-panel' support
[change] add bookmarks menu button to bookmarks toolbar on first run automatically
[change] tweaks for rtl locales
[change] Windows: appmenu tweaks
[change] spaces, springs, separators: code clean up

*1 It IS possible to use other custom values in about:config!
   If min-width > max-width, tab-width=min-width
*2 use identical colors for 'default' and 'unread' tabs to keep
   colors the way they were before
*3 tested and confirmed working: NoiaFox, Nuvola, FxChrome & Metal Lion
*4 TabMixPlus & TabUtilities use own options for tabs min/max-width

[new] option: toggle visibility of CTRs menu item in app menu
[new] option: toggle visibility of CTRs menu item in tools menu
[new] option: icon only for appbutton on titlebar
[new] option: text only for appbutton on toolbars *

[fix] squared tabs + Nightly 20140304+: tabs height
[fix] recent nightly broke CTRs tab-fog removal
[fix] appbutton on toolbar + alt icons: padding in some cases
[fix] add-ons manager could lose CTRs name in some cases

[change] Windows 8(.1): adopted colors for Aurora builds (20140306+)
[change] main CTR icon
[change] removed previous 'appbutton text' option *
[change] prefwindow: moved some options to 'special 2' tab

* previous 'appbutton text' option is now inside appbutton menulist

[new] ru-RU translation (thanks to radion-t)

[fix] Windows + small button view + 'rss icon in urlbar' addon: urlbar glitch
[fix] Linux: 'checked' toolbar buttons state on navigation toolbar
[fix] themes + mov. back/forward button: reduced identity box padding
[fix] small button view + tabs not on top + fullscreen mode: space between buttons and nav-bars top border
[fix] 'white color...' options (special tweaks tab): colors in fullscreen mode

[change] Windows 8/8.1: settings for current nightly colors
[change] default theme: notification box tweaks (needs more testing)
[change] 'Zoom page' add-on + small button view: normal/classic buttons
[change] Windows/Linux: some CTR button images point to default Toolbar.png
[change] tweaks for 'Classic Toolbar Buttons' add-on
[change] status bar + Windows Classic VS: removed borders (thx to Kelderic)
[change] Windows (non-AeroGlass) + tabs not on top: reduced spaces for tabs toolbar
[change] hide small buttons option, if 'CTBs' nav-bar options are used

[change] internal flex spaces for add-ons bar and additional toolbar
[change] internal explanations

[new] tab min-width options (min-width: 150px/54px) *1
[new] two findbar options: 'alternative' content order
[new] switch for
[new] switch for browser.tabs.animate
[new] option list: tabsontop=unset/true/false *2
[new] option: always show tab-close button
[new] option: old status-bar (for e.g. Forecastfox etc.) *3
[new] Windows option: tab toolbars appbutton - higher position *4
[new] alternative tab loading animation (throbber) (thx to L.A.R. Grizzly)
[new] option: "squared tabs (classic) v2" *5

[fix] MacOSX + small button mode: forward button tweak
[fix] Windows/Linux Personas: urlbar border color
[fix] star button in urlbar + small button view: position
[fix] 'tabs not on top' + 3rd party toolbars (Google, Amazon etc.)
[fix] squared tabs: minor tab glitches
[fix] squared tabs: improved Personas support
[fix] tabs toolbar on some Windows visual styles
[fix] missing Adblock Edge icon
[fix] tabs not on top + AeroGlass: missing tabs toolbar bottom border
[fix] appbutton on toolbar + small button view
[fix] tab-max width option did not get disabled properly
[fix] appmenu on titlebar option + tabs not in titlebar: menubar glitch
[fix] Socialite add-ons infobar
[fix] 'hide nav-bar' option
[fix] Linux + small buttons view: restored hidden forward button
[fix] MacOSX + tabs not on top: tab toolbars background color
[fix] MacOSX + mov. bf-button + small view: moving urlbar glitch
[fix] Windows + small button view: forward button glitch
[fix] curved tabs color option for active tab
[fix] TMP multirow + Personas: scrolling through tab rows

[change] inversed bookmarks animation option (has to be set/unset once)
[change] TabMixPlus add-on: minor multirow tweaks for classic tabs
[change] appmenu tweaks
[change] removed add-on bars close-button borders (default themes)
[change] themes: star buttons position
[change] themes: hide 'big default icons' option
[change] themes: mov. back-forward: no urlbar left/right jumping anymore
[change] themes: no urlbar border changes anymore
[change] themes: no blue urlbar border focus color anymore
[change] themes: orange color of 'appbutton in titlebar' can be replaced
[change] themes: compatibility tweaks
[change] themes:ability to override CTRs customize ui button images
[change] themes:ability to set tab toolbars bg color ('tabs not on top')
[change] appbutton on titlebar: restored dropmarker
[change] appbutton on titlebar: minor other tweaks
[change] prefwindow: altered a few labels
[change] prefwindow: auto disable non-usable appbutton options
[change] improved support for 'Classic Toolbar Buttons' add-on
[change] star-button in urlbar: restored pre-Australis star icons
[change] rewritten small button mode (fits more to current OS (theme))
[change] urlbars border-radius gets enabled automatically:
--- for movable back-forward button option
--- for small buttons view option
--- it can be disabled afterwards for custom border-radius code to work
[change] star button in urlbar
--- enabling/disabling needs browser restart
--- bookmarks button has not to be placed after urlbar anymore
--- changeable by themes

*1 mainly for squared tabs

*2 This restores the pre-Australis [tabsontop=true] and [tabsontop=false] handling for these ui parts: #main-window, #titlebar, #navigator-toolbox, #toolbar-menubar, #TabsToolbar, #nav-bar, #PersonalToolbar, #ctr_extra-bar, #ctr_addon-bar. This might be interesting for full themes, which support CTR and want to style things differently for both tabs toolbar modes (on top / not on top). Previous 'tabs not on top' option was merged into this one and has to be reset.

*3 after enabling status-bar and restarting Firefox, status-bar items appear on add-on bars right (not movable on purpose). This option breaks 'ThePuzzlePiece' addons status-bar, so it won't get enabled, if 'ThePuzzlePiece' addon is used.

*4 was default for 'appbutton on tabs toolbar' once, now optional. --> improves compatibility with some other add-ons

*5 features/info:
- experimental (!)
- probably higher compatibility to...
--- ...Personas in some cases
--- ...TabMixPlus (multi row)
--- ...other add-ons
- compared to other squared tabs these...
--- may look different
--- may cause unexpected glitches
--- may have different border colors
--- may be higher in some cases (multi row)
--- are higher on MacOSX and Linux
- no reversed version for MacOSX available or planned
- can be colored like other squared tabs with CTRs color options
- these will not replace the other squared tabs
- should be tested, if the other ones cause troubles
- previous ones should be used, if these cause troubles

[new] added >one< alternative movable separator *
[fix] Windows: small button view + appbutton popup
[fix] 'curved tabs (alt)' got broken on latest nightly builds
[fix] 'appbutton in titlebar' got broken on latest nightly builds
[fix] 'compact panel menus' option + panel ui menu
* Without CTR there is one separator before PanelUI button.
  The new one looks quite similiar.

[new] enable nav-bars large icon mode for themes *1
[new] hide bookmarks-menu-buttons animation (requested ;-))

[fix] CTRs tabs for nightly (20140206+)
[fix] fixed bug caused by CTR appearing on 'error console'
[fix] missed to set a default value for a preference
[fix] email button icon for big icon mode

[change] Personas + 'tabs not on top': nav-bar tweaks
[change] semi-support for full themes *2
[change] tweaked curved tabs
[change] tweaked color settings for curved tabs (more accurate now)
[change] tweaked CTRs cui-area css (more accurate now)

[change] prefwindow: removed option to force black text on tabs *3
[change] prefwindow: moved urlbar border fix to 'Special' tab
[change] prefwindow: removed 'Fixes' tab (not needed anymore)
[change] prefwindow: split 'white color...' option in two options
[change] prefwindow: reordered items on 'custom color' tab

*1 #nav-bar[iconsize=large] & #nav-bar[iconsize=small] can be used again
   This does not affect CTRs small button view for default theme!
*2 unsupported options get disabled and hidden automatically
*3 Use 'custom colors' tab -> text color settings

Todays nightly will cause some glitches on this add-ons tabs in v1.1.0.
CTR v1.1.1 fixes this issue.

Changelog v1.1.0
[new] option to reduce panel menus margins/paddings (bookmarks, history...)
[fix] CTRs cui-area buttons appearance
[fix] squared tabs: text color option
[change] improved support for 'ThePuzzlePiece' add-on (thx to Quicksaver)
[change] switched all options to observer/listener method
[change] fallback system to catch label change/removal *

* This prevents Mozilla from breaking CTR by removing/changing
  internal label references like on Nightly 2014-01-29 & 2014-02-01.

Changelog v1.0.9
[new] customizing ui: buttons for button views and modes
[new] option: enable/disable CTRs 'customize ui'-area buttons
[new] option: star button in urlbar (follow instructions tooltip) *1
[new] option: large (dark) icons from panel menu on navigation toolbar *2

[fix] Firefox Hourly breaks CTR
[fix] minor tweaks/fixes on 'small button view'
[fix] minor tweaks/fixes on 'large icon view'
[fix] minor tweaks/fixes on CTRs buttons inside 'customize ui'
[fix] appbutton on titlebar: 'print preview' and 'tab view'
[fix] movable PanelUI button works now on every toolbar
[fix] movable back-forward button option + Linux: urlbar position
[fix] text mode: urlbars go, stop and reload buttons
[fix] Linux: hover state for colored appbutton on tabs toolbar

[change] improved support for 'ThePuzzlePiece' add-on
[change] prefwindow: 'Firefox label'-option moved to main tab
[change] prefwindow: 'alt. appbutton icon'-option moved to main tab
[change] 'tabs in titlebar' disabled -> hide 'appbutton on titlebar'
[change] 'tabs in titlebar' disabled -> show 'appbutton on toolbars'
[change] icon for menuitem 'Classic Theme Restorer'
[change] customizing ui: different color for buttons second function
[change] basic support for 'right-to-left' locales
[change] tweaked CTRs 'back-forward dropmarker' and CTRs 'back-forward button'
[change] CTRs prefwindow tabs: 'tab colors' + 'tab text colors' =  'custom colors'
[change] small button view + Linux: tweaked back/forward button spaces
[change] unlimited 'spaces', 'flex spaces' and 'separators' *3
[change] internal changes to movable panel ui button *4

*1 CTRs way to get star button into urlbar is different from what
'star-button in urlbar' add-on does. It has to be disabled for
CTRs 'star-button in urlbar' to work.
Also make sure the bookmarks button is placed after urlbar like
shown on options tooltip.

*2 Large icons are available for default toolbar buttons only. Other
add-on buttons may look weird next to the big icons.

*3 Thanks to Sonny and his extension 'Customize Palette Fix' for providing a
clean way to restore 'spaces', 'flex spaces' and 'separators'. Users will
have to move them to toolbars again, because previous item ids got removed.

*4 If the button keeps staying on add-ons bar 'restore defaults'
has to be used once.

Changelog v1.0.8
[new] default Australis tabs: colorize active curved tab
[new] curved alt. tabs: colorize default, active and hovered tabs
[new] separate option to hide urlbars stop/reload buttons
[new] combined stop/reload button on toolbars option
[new] curved alternative tabs for all OS
[fix] AeroGlass + tabs not on top: tab toolbars left/right borders
[fix] Windows Aero + squared tabs: minor active tab glitch
[change] removed old 'combined stop/reload' item
[change] 'combined stop/reload' button is not experimental anymore
[change] hover 'combined stop/reload' button option for extra info
[change] removed experimental tab from prefwindow (not needed anymore)
[change] renamed previous curved experimental tabs to '... (alternative Aero)'
[change] Linux: removed 'urlbars left border radius' option (not needed)
[change] Linux: removed 'white tab...' option, it was meant for Windows/MacOSX anyway
[change] some minor tweaks on options window

Changelog v1.0.7
[new] icons + text mode v2 option: reduces button width to text width
[new] Australized squared tabs: custom colors for active tab available
[fix] appmenu: history -> undo closed tabs
[fix] small button view and star button add-on
[fix] background color glitches with pinned squared tabs
[change] updated es locale (thanks to strel)

Changelog v1.0.6
[new] Linux/MacOSX: 'small navbar buttons' option (very basic for now)
[new] option to enable appbutton text on tabs toolbar (button has to be there of course)
[fix] icons + text mode for on add-ons bar buttons
[change] Windows: tweaks on small button mode
[change] tweaks on 'icons + text' mode
[change] tweaks on 'text only' mode
[change] Linux/MacOSX: add-on bar tweaks to improve compatibility
[change] added support for tabbars tab close button to "white..." option

Main page

Support forum (with dev builds)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Add-on status update (2013-12-20)

Update 1.0.5 is out

Main page

Support forum (with dev builds)


Changelog v1.0.5
[new] tab background color settings (top/bottom/text)
[new] tab text color& text shadow color options
[new] squared tabs "australized"

[fix] MacOSX: squared tabs and TMPs multi-row view
[fix] MacOSX/Linux: appbuttons menupopup position
[fix] panel ui - appbutton style option on tabs toolbar
[fix] Windows: hide titlebars appbutton on windows with no titlebar

[change] French translation updated by Goofy
[change] squared tabs: favicon & close button position
[change] squared tabs: size tweaks
[change] improved support for custom css code to colorize tabs
[change] some minor tweaks on Personas support (WinXP, Linux, MacOSX)

Changelog v1.0.4
[new] add-on bar close button *1
[new] option to hide add-on bars close button
[new] Linux option to enable text color fix for non-active tabs *2

[fix] MacOSX: tab scrollbox appeared too early

[restored] option to hide nav-bar *3

[change] MacOSX: tabs appearance for 'tabs not on top'
[change] appbutton on titlbar tweaks
[change] prefwindow tweaks
[change] appmenu colors match menu colors on Windows classic theme
[change] slightly improved Personas support for squared tabs on Windows
[change] Linux/MacOSX: corrected some strings inside appmenu
[change] small button view: tweaked back-forward-button

*1 movable on add-ons bar, but not removable from it. New option can hide it.
*2 Ubuntu users with default OS theme will have to enable new option, if their tabs are not on top.
*3 the one from context menu did not work properly

Changelog v1.0.3
[new] option to disable fog on tabs toolbar for Australis tabs (Windows)
[new] option to force white text/tab buttons for Australis tabs (Windows)
[new] enable/disable 'add-on bar' using toolbars context menu
[new] enable/disable 'extra toolbar' using toolbars context menu
[new] enable/disable 'navigation bar' using toolbars context menu
[new] toggle 'add-on bar' using 'Ctrl + /' btw. 'Cmd + /'

[removed] 'add-on bar' option from preference window
[removed] 'extra toolbar' option from preference window
[removed] 'hide nav-bar' option from preference window

[fix] WinXP: menu toolbar got broken in some cases

[change] Windows: tweaked 'tabs on top off' option
[change] preference window: changed some labels
[change] preference window: not supported options got hidden (Linux/MacOSX)
[change] redone icons+text mode to improve compatibility
[change] tweaked experimental tabs to gain more visible text

Changelog v1.0.2
[new] option: enable alternative appearance for appbutton on toolbar
[new] option: movable fullscreen window controls

[fix] Linux Mint/Ubuntu: tab colors are more like pre-Australis now
[fix] Linux Ubuntu: correct tabs toolbar color for 'tabs on top off' option
[fix] Windows XP: tab colors are more like pre-Australis now
[fix] Windows 7/8/Vista: non-Aero tab colors are more like pre-Australis now

[change] 'combined reload/stop' button can now be styled by CTB v1.3.4
[change] redone 'tabs on top off' option
[change] preference window: some text additions
Changelog v1.0.1
[new] option to optimize urlbars left border-radius for movable back-forward button
[new] Spanish translation (thanks to strel)
[new] added five separator items to customize menu
[new] French translation (thanks to Goofy & BabelZilla admin team)
[new] option to set tabs max-width to 150px (smaller than default)
[new] option to set tabs max-width to 250px like on pre-Australis
[new] added a back-forward dropmarker button (default movable toolbar item)
[new] option to let panelui button have old appbuttons appearance on tabs toolbar
[new] option to enable/disable 'combined reload/stop' button *

[fix] Linux: tabs not on top got broken by recent update
[fix] add-ons bar & icons+text mode for menubuttons
[fix] appbutton on titlebar: removed 1px left space on max view
[fix] 'titlechanged' status for custom squared and experimental pinned tabs
[fix] add-ons bar: hide add-ons bar in fullscreen mode (e.g. html5 video)
[fix] WinXP: tab toolbars colors for 'tabs not on top'
[fix] spaces and separators: used too much space
[fix] Linux: custom bf-button and moving urlbar
[fix] Windows: increased space between appbutton and tabs on titlebar
[fix] Tabs not on top: Personas support

[change] added more 'space / flexibles space' items
[change] pinned tabs size
[change] added support link to options window
[change] added rightclick menu for custom toolbars and their items
[change] custom reload button supports middleclick event
[change] Windows/Linux: appmenu tweaks on secondary pane
[change] addon-bar: margin, padding and size tweaks for buttons
[change] Windows/Linux: squared tabs tweaks
[change] MacOSX: tweaked titlebar
[change] Windows & squared tabs: restored tab-close button from previous Fx version
[change] Windows: appbutton on titlebar now displays default branch name
[change] Windows: tweaks on appbutton on titlebar
[change] add-ons bar: increased allowed icon sizes to 18 x 18px
[change] MacOSX: tweaked squared tabs colors to match OSX default theme
[change] alltabs-button movalbe by default
[change] webrtc-status-button movalbe by default
[change] social-share-button movalbe by default
[change] social-toolbar-item movalbe by default

- Aris

Friday, November 8, 2013

Add-on status update (2013-11-18)

- Classic Theme Restorer is out -

Some comments from me to clarify a few thing regarding this add-ons development I saw on some forums and articles across the Internet:
  • I'm not a Mozilla employee, just making add-ons for Mozilla products. ;-)
  • Old browser features are not brought back using code 1:1 from older browser versions. Some options are more like a new 'interpretations' of old features (small buttons, hidden nav-bar, text mode, icons+text mode). They may not work with all buttons and toolbars out there.
  • The restored 'squared tabs' are created the same way themes modify tabs, so there is a big chance they won't be compatible with extensions that colorize or modify tabs, especially after such extensions get updated to work with Australis UI.
  • This add-on uses different ids and classes for new and old features -compared to current non-Australis Firefox- mostly to avoid conflicts with old classes and ids that are still reserved in UX/Australis

A list containing all features this add-on is currently capable of:

Add-ons current settings (-> options window)
  • Tabs
    • Australis tabs (Australis default tabs)
    • Squared tabs (classic)
    • Australis tabs (experimental) [Windows Aero only]
  • Tabs not on top
  • Tabs in titlebar (currently browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar)
  • Application button
    • Appbutton hidden
    • Appbutton on toolbars
    • Appbutton on titlebar (Windows only)
  • Application button colors
    • orange
    • blue (Aurora)
    • black (Nightly)
    • transparent (AeroGlass)
    • blue (Palemoon)
    • red
    • green
    • gray 
  • Small (nav-bar) buttons (Windows only)
  • Hide navigation toolbar
  • Addon-bar
  • Additional toolbar (below top toolbars)
  • Movable back-forward button
  • Findbar
    • Findbar (default position)
    • Findbar on top (forced)
    • Findbar at the bottom (forced)
  • Icons / text
    • Show icons only
    • Icons + text
    • Text only

 Other features active by default (not on options window) 
  • Spaces (additional toolbar items)
  • Flexible spaces (additional toolbar items)
  • Bookmarks menu button (additional toolbar button)
  • Bookmarks sidebar button (additional toolbar button)
  • History sidebar button (additional toolbar button)
  • Reload button (additional toolbar button)
  • Stop button (additional toolbar button)
  • Movable urlbar
  • Movable PanelUI button
  • Smaller urlbar minimum width
  • Smaller window minimum width

- Aris

Monday, October 28, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #11 - custom toolbars #2

It is possible to have more than one custom toolbar, so I included an option to enable/disable a toolbar below bookmarks toolbar.

Buttons, urlbar, searchbar, spaces etc. can be moved to this toolbar, if needed.

- Aris

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Add-on status update (2013-09-28)

Changes in the past few days

  • [fix] classic squared tabs (got broken a few days ago)
  • [fix] 'icons + text' mode (got broken a few days ago)
  • [change] removed checkbox options for bookmarks menu button, bookmarks sidebar button, history sidebar button, reload button and stop button. Buttons are enabled by default and can be moved to available toolbars or can be kept on customizing area, if not needed.
  • [change] removed option to move add-on bar items to the right. Flexible spaces can do the job.
  • [change] removed 'movable PanelUI-button' option. PanelUI-button is now movable by default.
  • [change] to avoid conflicts this add-ons 'small buttons' option does nothing, if 'small buttons' option from 'Classic Toolbar Buttons' add-on v1.3 is already active.
  • [change] to avoid conflicts this add-ons 'small buttons' option does nothing on 'icons + text' mode

Add-ons current settings (-> options window)
  • Tabs
    • Australis tabs (Australis default tabs)
    • Squared tabs (classic)
    • Australis tabs (experimental) [Windows Aero only]
  • Tabs not on top
  • Tabs in titlebar (currently browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar
  • Application button
    • Appbutton hidden
    • Appbutton on toolbars
    • Appbutton on titlebar (Windows only)
  • Application button colors
    • orange
    • blue (Aurora)
    • black (Nightly)
    • transparent (AeroGlass)
    • blue (Palemoon)
    • red
    • green
    • gray 
  • Small (nav-bar) buttons (Windows only)
  • Hide navigation toolbar
  • Addon-bar
  • Movable back-forward button 
  • Findbar
    • Findbar (default position)
    • Findbar on top (forced)
    • Findbar at the bottom (forced)
  • Icons / text
    • Show icons only
    • Icons + text
    • Text only

 Other features active by default (not on options window) 
  • Spaces (additional toolbar items)
  • Flexible spaces (additional toolbar items)
  • Bookmarks menu button (additional toolbar button)
  • Bookmarks sidebar button (additional toolbar button)
  • History sidebar button (additional toolbar button)
  • Reload button (additional toolbar button)
  • Stop button (additional toolbar button)
  • Movable urlbar
  • Movable PanelUI button 
  • Smaller urlbar minimum width
  • Smaller window minimum width

- Aris

Modifiy Australis UI #10 - findbar position

On current builds the findbar is at the bottom again. A new option forces findbars position on top or at the bottom.

- Aris

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #9 - spaces and flexible space

A while ago I got asked whether Australis can have spaces and flexible spaces or not. It can.

The only toolbar flexible spaces make sense on is the custom add-ons toolbar. Button can be 'moved' to the right for example.

This add-on contains 5 items for flexible spaces and 5 for 'normal' spaces at the moment. The images to indicate them are only visible in customizing mode (image #2 and #3).

- Aris

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #8 - tabs.drawInTitlebar #2

Recent UX / Australis changes caused an issue between application button (= Firefox button) on titlebar and browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar set to false. Disabling tabs in titlebar through TabsInTitlebar.allowedBy(...) argument also leads to same issue. See #882009.

The option application button on titlebar works, but the button cannot be on titlebar like it is with 'tabs in titlebar' enabled.

In this case the option application button on toolbar seems to be the cleaner solution.

Most users won't be affected by this, because browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar is enabled by default and application button looks like it should.

- Aris

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #7 - modified curved tabs

Squared tabs colors + curved tabs = modified curved tabs (on Fx Windows Aero theme).

- Aris

Friday, September 6, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #6 - tabs.drawInTitlebar #1

On recent UX builds the (Windows) application button (= Firefox button) can not be in titlebar anymore, if browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar is set to false. Most users won't notice this, because the option is set to true by default.

The upcoming add-on will support both browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar states true and false.

The corresponding setting still exists and can be accessed through about:config, but Mozilla will remove it one day. Thanks to Mike for providing a way to use this ui tweak even after its removal (in the future).

- Aris

Iconsets for toolbar buttons on Australis / UX

The next version of 'Classic Toolbar Buttons' (v1.3) will have updated iconsets for all toolbar buttons currently available in UX builds.

Only toolbar button icons are replaced by this, not PanelUI menu icons.

- Aris

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #5 - custom toolbars

Here is something, that will make many people happy.

It is possible to restore the add-on toolbar in Australis UI. Thanks to Mike for providing the code to make this possible.

- Aris

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #3 - text only

JoeG asked me whether it is be possible to restore the 'text only' mode for the remaining toolbars in Australis theme or not. It is. Therefore the 'movable back-forward' options of this add-on will have to be used as well to prevent urlbar corruption, because of the 'back-forward-urlbar' combination in Australis design.

It is also possible to restore a not very accurate 'icons+text' mode. The reason I call it 'not very accurate' are add-ons with non-standardized buttons and button icons, that can lead to a corrupted nav-bar.

I doubt anyone misses  'icons+text' mode or am I wrong?

- Aris

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #2 - hide nav-bar

Moving urlbar into tabs toolbar is not possible on UX builds (Australis design).

The upcoming add-on will provide the ability to move back-forward button, urlbar, reload button and stop button into tabs toolbar and to hide navigation toolbar.


 - Aris

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Small button view in Firefox UX (Australis ui)

There is no 'small icon view' in Firefox Australis ui anymore. It got removed.

Classic Toolbar Button simulates 'small buttons' on navigation toolbar by altering a few margin-, padding-, height- and width values. Install at least v1.2.8.1 and select the corresponding nav-bar button menulist option from add-ons options page.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #1 - upcoming add-on

Mozilla decided to move to Australis design in one of the upcoming Firefox releases, probably in Firefox 28 or later.

The upcoming add-on (still unreleased and wip) will allow Firefox users to optionally restore some 'classic' ui parts, that are not present in Australis anymore. Users will be able to test these options once Australis enters nightly channel.


Firefox UX preview (with add-on installed)


The add-on for Firefox 26+ (Austalis design - Windows, MacOSX, Linux) restores squared tabs, appbutton/appmenu (known from Firefox for Windows), bookmarks menu button, bookmarks sidebar button, history sidebar button and other buttons from Firefox 4-26 (non-UX). All buttons are fully optional and have to be added to toolbars manually. Use browsers 'Customize' menu to move buttons to your favorite toolbar.

This add-on will not restore the add-ons toolbar. Adding/creating new toolbars is not possible anymore or at least at the moment. -> Modifiy Australis UI #5

Features & Settings
  • Squared tabs
  • Disable 'Tabs on Top'
  • Small nav-bar buttons (Windows only)
  • Findbar at the bottom
  • Hide navigation toolbar
  • Restore addons toolbar
  • Restore navigation toolbars 'text' mode and 'icons+text' mode 
  • Application button / application menu
    • appbutton hidden
    • appbutton on toolbars
    • appbutton on titlebar (Windows only)
  • Application button / application menu color
    • orange
    • Aurora blue
    • Nightly black
    • transparent
    • Palemoon blue
    • red
    • green
    • gray
  • Bookmarks menu button
  • Bookmarks sidebar button
  • History sidebar button
  • Reload button
  • Stop button
  • Moveable PanelUI button
  • Moveable back-forward button
  • Moveable urlbar (no seperate option needed)

Squared tabs
Classic tabs setting removes new curved tabs and replaces them with squared tabs.

Disable 'Tabs on Top'
The know 'tabs.onTop' setting got removed from about:config on Firefox 26+ (UX). This add-ons setting can place tabs below navigation toolbar again.

Small nav-bar buttons (Windows only)
Navigation toolbar buttons get alternative margins and paddings to simulate the "old" small icon view.

Findbar at the bottom
Moves findbar back to the bottom of the window.

Hide navigation toolbar
This setting is for those who like to move all their nav-bar items to other toolbars making the nav-bar unneeded.

Restore add-ons toolbar
This setting creates a new toolbar at the bottom of the windows, where toolbar buttons can be moved to.

Restore navigation toolbars 'text' mode and 'icons+text' mode
Some users still prefer to have text below toolbar button icons or to remove icons completely. This settings allows to select 'icons', icons+text' or 'text only' mode for toolbar buttons on navigation toolbar.

Application button / application menu settings 

- Application menu toolbar button -
The new appmenu toolbar button can be placed on navigation toolbar, personal toolbar or tabs toolbar. If it is placed on tabs toolbar before or after the tabs container and the menubar is not active or visible, the appbutton appears on browsers titlebar (Windows only). It appears on tabs toolbar, if the menubar is visible (Windows only).

- Application menu titlebar button [Windows only] -
The appmenu titlebar button is placed on titlebars left and is not moveable.

- Application button colors -
On tabs toolbar and titlebar the appbutton can be orange, blue (Aurora), black (Nightly), transparent, blue (Palemoon), red, green and gray [in normal browsing mode] and purple [in private browsing mode] like on previous Windows browser versions.

- Note -
The new appmenu is not a 1:1 copy of the old one, but it looks as original as possible. Some elements like the 'splitmenu' (combined menuitem with a popup submenu) got removed from Firefox 26 (UX), so a menuitem and a submenu are ordered in a row now instead. Appmenu also misses some menuitems inside developer and options submenus, that cannot be duplicated.

Bookmarks menu button
The bookmarks menu button is a default 'toolbar button', that can be placed on navigation toolbar, personal toolbar or tabs toolbar. On personal toolbar the buttons contains both an icon and a label. If the button is placed after the 'bookmarks toolbar items', the personal toolbar looks even more like the one known from older browser versions.

Bookmarks sidebar button
The bookmarks sidebar button is a default 'toolbar button', that can be placed on navigation toolbar, personal toolbar or tabs toolbars. It toggles the bookmarks sidebar.

History sidebar button
The history sidebar button is a default 'toolbar button', that can be placed on navigation toolbar, personal toolbar or tabs toolbars. It toggles the history sidebar.

Back-forward, reload and stop buttons
Browsers default buttons got merged with urlbar and cannot be moved to different areas on a toolbar or to different toolbars anymore. This add-on recreates those buttons as default 'toolbar buttons'. They can be placed on navigation toolbar, personal toolbar or tabs toolbar.

Windows - Linux - MacOSX
This add-on was tested on Windows 7 (AeroBasic, AeroGlass, Classic) & 8 & XP (Classic, Luna-Blue, Luna-Silver, Luna-Olive, Zune, Royale), Linux Mint and MacOSX 10.8.x. On other OSs or non OS-default themes tab colors may look wrong. Bookmarks, history, stop, reload, back and forward toolbar buttons use default OS icons (Firefox Windows icons on Windows systems, Firefox Mac icons on MacOSX and Firefox Linux icons on Linux systems).

Know 'issues'/'glitches'
  1. Application menus 'cut', 'copy' and 'paste' buttons do not always work like they should.
  2. Switching between AeroGlass and AeroBasic on Windows 7/Vista could change appbuttons position in tabs toolbar, if the menubar is disabled. Maximizing/restoring browsers main window or restarting browser fixes this. This glitch is caused by MS Windows and titlebars behavior and not by this add-on.

  1. Do not install this add-on on Firefox 4-26 (non-UX). It is not intended to be used with older versions and will certainly break some parts of the UI and not work correctly at all
  2. This add-on was made for browsers default theme only and will certainly break parts of the UI, if used along with themes. Additional buttons and their options may work fine.


- Aris