Friday, August 16, 2013

Modifiy Australis UI #3 - text only

JoeG asked me whether it is be possible to restore the 'text only' mode for the remaining toolbars in Australis theme or not. It is. Therefore the 'movable back-forward' options of this add-on will have to be used as well to prevent urlbar corruption, because of the 'back-forward-urlbar' combination in Australis design.

It is also possible to restore a not very accurate 'icons+text' mode. The reason I call it 'not very accurate' are add-ons with non-standardized buttons and button icons, that can lead to a corrupted nav-bar.

I doubt anyone misses  'icons+text' mode or am I wrong?

- Aris


  1. "I doubt anyone misses 'icons+text' mode"

    ... and that is why I'm switching to SeaMonkey. The general Firefox development attitude nowadays is "if Chrome users don't know about it, nobody cares". Well I'm a veteran user and hell yes I want icons+text mode. I also want tabs-on-bottom which the Firefox UX team is also determined to eliminate.

    1. You are right, Seamonkey is a great alternative with a nice classic ui. But with Mozillas actual course who knows, if they will keep updating it forever?

      You are the first one I heard of, who like 'text + icons' mode. I'll look into it and see, if an option would make sense.

      Firefox Australis is still far far away.