Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Add-on status update (2013-12-20)

Update 1.0.5 is out

Main page

Support forum (with dev builds)


Changelog v1.0.5
[new] tab background color settings (top/bottom/text)
[new] tab text color& text shadow color options
[new] squared tabs "australized"

[fix] MacOSX: squared tabs and TMPs multi-row view
[fix] MacOSX/Linux: appbuttons menupopup position
[fix] panel ui - appbutton style option on tabs toolbar
[fix] Windows: hide titlebars appbutton on windows with no titlebar

[change] French translation updated by Goofy
[change] squared tabs: favicon & close button position
[change] squared tabs: size tweaks
[change] improved support for custom css code to colorize tabs
[change] some minor tweaks on Personas support (WinXP, Linux, MacOSX)

Changelog v1.0.4
[new] add-on bar close button *1
[new] option to hide add-on bars close button
[new] Linux option to enable text color fix for non-active tabs *2

[fix] MacOSX: tab scrollbox appeared too early

[restored] option to hide nav-bar *3

[change] MacOSX: tabs appearance for 'tabs not on top'
[change] appbutton on titlbar tweaks
[change] prefwindow tweaks
[change] appmenu colors match menu colors on Windows classic theme
[change] slightly improved Personas support for squared tabs on Windows
[change] Linux/MacOSX: corrected some strings inside appmenu
[change] small button view: tweaked back-forward-button

*1 movable on add-ons bar, but not removable from it. New option can hide it.
*2 Ubuntu users with default OS theme will have to enable new option, if their tabs are not on top.
*3 the one from context menu did not work properly

Changelog v1.0.3
[new] option to disable fog on tabs toolbar for Australis tabs (Windows)
[new] option to force white text/tab buttons for Australis tabs (Windows)
[new] enable/disable 'add-on bar' using toolbars context menu
[new] enable/disable 'extra toolbar' using toolbars context menu
[new] enable/disable 'navigation bar' using toolbars context menu
[new] toggle 'add-on bar' using 'Ctrl + /' btw. 'Cmd + /'

[removed] 'add-on bar' option from preference window
[removed] 'extra toolbar' option from preference window
[removed] 'hide nav-bar' option from preference window

[fix] WinXP: menu toolbar got broken in some cases

[change] Windows: tweaked 'tabs on top off' option
[change] preference window: changed some labels
[change] preference window: not supported options got hidden (Linux/MacOSX)
[change] redone icons+text mode to improve compatibility
[change] tweaked experimental tabs to gain more visible text

Changelog v1.0.2
[new] option: enable alternative appearance for appbutton on toolbar
[new] option: movable fullscreen window controls

[fix] Linux Mint/Ubuntu: tab colors are more like pre-Australis now
[fix] Linux Ubuntu: correct tabs toolbar color for 'tabs on top off' option
[fix] Windows XP: tab colors are more like pre-Australis now
[fix] Windows 7/8/Vista: non-Aero tab colors are more like pre-Australis now

[change] 'combined reload/stop' button can now be styled by CTB v1.3.4
[change] redone 'tabs on top off' option
[change] preference window: some text additions
Changelog v1.0.1
[new] option to optimize urlbars left border-radius for movable back-forward button
[new] Spanish translation (thanks to strel)
[new] added five separator items to customize menu
[new] French translation (thanks to Goofy & BabelZilla admin team)
[new] option to set tabs max-width to 150px (smaller than default)
[new] option to set tabs max-width to 250px like on pre-Australis
[new] added a back-forward dropmarker button (default movable toolbar item)
[new] option to let panelui button have old appbuttons appearance on tabs toolbar
[new] option to enable/disable 'combined reload/stop' button *

[fix] Linux: tabs not on top got broken by recent update
[fix] add-ons bar & icons+text mode for menubuttons
[fix] appbutton on titlebar: removed 1px left space on max view
[fix] 'titlechanged' status for custom squared and experimental pinned tabs
[fix] add-ons bar: hide add-ons bar in fullscreen mode (e.g. html5 video)
[fix] WinXP: tab toolbars colors for 'tabs not on top'
[fix] spaces and separators: used too much space
[fix] Linux: custom bf-button and moving urlbar
[fix] Windows: increased space between appbutton and tabs on titlebar
[fix] Tabs not on top: Personas support

[change] added more 'space / flexibles space' items
[change] pinned tabs size
[change] added support link to options window
[change] added rightclick menu for custom toolbars and their items
[change] custom reload button supports middleclick event
[change] Windows/Linux: appmenu tweaks on secondary pane
[change] addon-bar: margin, padding and size tweaks for buttons
[change] Windows/Linux: squared tabs tweaks
[change] MacOSX: tweaked titlebar
[change] Windows & squared tabs: restored tab-close button from previous Fx version
[change] Windows: appbutton on titlebar now displays default branch name
[change] Windows: tweaks on appbutton on titlebar
[change] add-ons bar: increased allowed icon sizes to 18 x 18px
[change] MacOSX: tweaked squared tabs colors to match OSX default theme
[change] alltabs-button movalbe by default
[change] webrtc-status-button movalbe by default
[change] social-share-button movalbe by default
[change] social-toolbar-item movalbe by default

- Aris

Friday, November 8, 2013

Add-on status update (2013-11-18)

- Classic Theme Restorer is out -

Some comments from me to clarify a few thing regarding this add-ons development I saw on some forums and articles across the Internet:
  • I'm not a Mozilla employee, just making add-ons for Mozilla products. ;-)
  • Old browser features are not brought back using code 1:1 from older browser versions. Some options are more like a new 'interpretations' of old features (small buttons, hidden nav-bar, text mode, icons+text mode). They may not work with all buttons and toolbars out there.
  • The restored 'squared tabs' are created the same way themes modify tabs, so there is a big chance they won't be compatible with extensions that colorize or modify tabs, especially after such extensions get updated to work with Australis UI.
  • This add-on uses different ids and classes for new and old features -compared to current non-Australis Firefox- mostly to avoid conflicts with old classes and ids that are still reserved in UX/Australis

A list containing all features this add-on is currently capable of:

Add-ons current settings (-> options window)
  • Tabs
    • Australis tabs (Australis default tabs)
    • Squared tabs (classic)
    • Australis tabs (experimental) [Windows Aero only]
  • Tabs not on top
  • Tabs in titlebar (currently browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar)
  • Application button
    • Appbutton hidden
    • Appbutton on toolbars
    • Appbutton on titlebar (Windows only)
  • Application button colors
    • orange
    • blue (Aurora)
    • black (Nightly)
    • transparent (AeroGlass)
    • blue (Palemoon)
    • red
    • green
    • gray 
  • Small (nav-bar) buttons (Windows only)
  • Hide navigation toolbar
  • Addon-bar
  • Additional toolbar (below top toolbars)
  • Movable back-forward button
  • Findbar
    • Findbar (default position)
    • Findbar on top (forced)
    • Findbar at the bottom (forced)
  • Icons / text
    • Show icons only
    • Icons + text
    • Text only

 Other features active by default (not on options window) 
  • Spaces (additional toolbar items)
  • Flexible spaces (additional toolbar items)
  • Bookmarks menu button (additional toolbar button)
  • Bookmarks sidebar button (additional toolbar button)
  • History sidebar button (additional toolbar button)
  • Reload button (additional toolbar button)
  • Stop button (additional toolbar button)
  • Movable urlbar
  • Movable PanelUI button
  • Smaller urlbar minimum width
  • Smaller window minimum width

- Aris