Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Add-on status update (2013-09-28)

Changes in the past few days

  • [fix] classic squared tabs (got broken a few days ago)
  • [fix] 'icons + text' mode (got broken a few days ago)
  • [change] removed checkbox options for bookmarks menu button, bookmarks sidebar button, history sidebar button, reload button and stop button. Buttons are enabled by default and can be moved to available toolbars or can be kept on customizing area, if not needed.
  • [change] removed option to move add-on bar items to the right. Flexible spaces can do the job.
  • [change] removed 'movable PanelUI-button' option. PanelUI-button is now movable by default.
  • [change] to avoid conflicts this add-ons 'small buttons' option does nothing, if 'small buttons' option from 'Classic Toolbar Buttons' add-on v1.3 is already active.
  • [change] to avoid conflicts this add-ons 'small buttons' option does nothing on 'icons + text' mode

Add-ons current settings (-> options window)
  • Tabs
    • Australis tabs (Australis default tabs)
    • Squared tabs (classic)
    • Australis tabs (experimental) [Windows Aero only]
  • Tabs not on top
  • Tabs in titlebar (currently browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar
  • Application button
    • Appbutton hidden
    • Appbutton on toolbars
    • Appbutton on titlebar (Windows only)
  • Application button colors
    • orange
    • blue (Aurora)
    • black (Nightly)
    • transparent (AeroGlass)
    • blue (Palemoon)
    • red
    • green
    • gray 
  • Small (nav-bar) buttons (Windows only)
  • Hide navigation toolbar
  • Addon-bar
  • Movable back-forward button 
  • Findbar
    • Findbar (default position)
    • Findbar on top (forced)
    • Findbar at the bottom (forced)
  • Icons / text
    • Show icons only
    • Icons + text
    • Text only

 Other features active by default (not on options window) 
  • Spaces (additional toolbar items)
  • Flexible spaces (additional toolbar items)
  • Bookmarks menu button (additional toolbar button)
  • Bookmarks sidebar button (additional toolbar button)
  • History sidebar button (additional toolbar button)
  • Reload button (additional toolbar button)
  • Stop button (additional toolbar button)
  • Movable urlbar
  • Movable PanelUI button 
  • Smaller urlbar minimum width
  • Smaller window minimum width

- Aris

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